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Episode 010 Making the Most of a Job You HateMost people don’t like their job. We’ve been there, so we’re offering advice on how to make the most of a job you don’t enjoy. We get wrapped up in current events this week, including the uproar over the movie Selma not being nominated for an Oscar and the Pope’s comments regarding the Charlie Hebdo attack. We also chat about the downside of being smart, annoying neighbors, a failed attempt to adopt the early morning riser trait of successful people, and letting go to live an easier life.


Selma Gets No Love From the Academy

Who knew people cared so much about the Academy Awards? It certainly became clear when the movie Selma received no Oscar nominations, which caused quite an uproar.

Let Go, Let Live

Do yourself a favor and stop sweating the small stuff. You’ll find that when you let go and stop worrying about everything, you’ll gain more freedom and can get on with life.

Freedom of Speech Can Come at a Price

You never know what may happen when you exercise your freedom of speech. It shouldn’t cost you your life, but sometimes it does, especially when you address the sensitive topic of religion. We discuss Pope Francis’s comments regarding the Charlie Hebdo attack, which were shocking to some.

Smart People Have Problems Too

Being smart apparently isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, as know-it-all smartypants don’t make the best managers according to a story from BBC Capital.

Life Lesson: Making the Most of a Job You Don’t Enjoy

This week we answer the question how do I make the most of a job I don’t enjoy? If you’re in a FUBAR job (David Jay explains the acronym), you’ll appreciate these tips to help you hang in there if you have to. Let us know what steps you’ve taken to make it through a horrible job in the comments.

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