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Episode 012 Get Your LifeIf you’ve ever wondered why you’re not where you want to be in life, the reason could be that you hold the toxic beliefs that we discuss in this episode. Use of the N-word on the fashion runway in Paris prompts a conversation about the appropriateness of the word and adoption of Black American culture by other cultures. We answer this week’s question, how do I live a happier life?, and share what we’ve done and what you can do to get to a happy place in life.


The Toxic Beliefs That Are Preventing Your Success

You can get closer to success just by changing your mindset. We discuss six toxic beliefs that are holding you back.

N-Word Here, There, and Everywhere

Surely people know where the N-word came from, right? Regardless, it doesn’t stop folks from tossing the word around, including French fashion designer Jean Touitou, who used the n-word to describe his collection. We chat about use of the word, the spread of Black American culture, and cultural appropriation. If you have no idea what cultural appropriation is and how touchy the topic gets, watch the video below (note: there’s cursing) and catch the Sway in the Morning interview with Eve and Jill Scott mentioned in this episode.

Life Lesson: Living a Happier Life

How do I live a happier life? That’s the question for this week. Hear how we’ve gone about bringing happiness into our lives and how you can do the same.

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