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Episode 014 Save ThyselfIf there’s more you could be doing to accomplish the things you want in life, but for some reason you’re not making moves, listen to this episode for tips on motivating yourself. We also discuss how shacking up with a partner may end in divorce, Kanye West and his shady antics at the Grammys, and how to enjoy being single.


The Key to Motivation Is What You Feel Not What You Know

Even when we know what we need to do, we just can’t do it. Why is that? It’s more than just being lazy. We chat about this problem and the article How to Motivate Yourself: 3 Steps Backed By Science.

Think Twice Before You Shack Up

Love can make you do some crazy things, including moving in with your partner before you’re married, which results in higher rates of divorce than if you wait for a solid commitment before moving in. We share our views on the article How Shacking Up Leads to Divorce and discuss arranged marriages.

Somebody Save Kanye

Kanye West is at it again. We talk about the great moment he almost had at the 2015 Grammys, which he spoiled by speaking negatively of Beck, who won the award for album of the year over the beloved Beyoncé. We always knew Kanye had an interesting personality, but someone save this man from himself, please.

Life Lesson: Enjoying Single Life

Being single on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year is no big deal. To help you see the light and revel in your singledom, we answer the question how do I enjoy being single?


  • stickK – This app gets you closer to your goals through its commitment contracts, which you back with money or another wager to hold yourself accountable.
  • Black Technologist Meetup group – If you’re interested in entrepreneurship and you live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, learn more about the Meetup group we mentioned in the show.

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A thirtysomething living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Nadia is committed to spending far more time doing the things she really wants to do and motivating others to do the same. She’s already making strides, stepping up her travel game, starting the podcast This Weird Thing Called Life with co-host David Jay, and working toward early retirement. With 30+ years of life behind her, she has many lessons to share and many more to learn.

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