Regret and Envy – TWTCL 022

Episode 022 Regret and Envy

We’re back to basics this week talking about life matters, including regrets you have in your 20s and 30s, how social media can make you envy those you’re connected to online, and why you shouldn’t end your job search when you find a new job. We also answer a great question posed by a twentysomething to those in their thirties: do you actually know what you’re doing or do you make it up as you go?


Regrets in Your 20s and 30s

Two articles, 7 Things You Will Regret in Your 20s and 11 Things You Will Regret in Your 30s, spark a conversation about regrets in life. Granted we can barely remember what happened in our twenties, we discuss the items on the lists that we resonate with. The good thing about being aware of the regrets people have in their twenties and thirties is that you can completely avoid them.

Green With Facebook Envy

Is being on Facebook or other social media making you envious of your friends as they share the high points in their life? It’s not uncommon to feel this way. We talk about “Facebook envy” and recommend that you step away from social media for a while if it’s bringing envy into your life.

The Never-Ending Job Search

Searching for a job can be draining, so when you finally land a new job, you’re probably more than happy that your search is over. But should it be? People often say your job search shouldn’t end when you find a new job. We discuss an article that offers this advice and other great career tips: The Company You Work For Is Not Your Friend.

Life Lesson

A twentysomething posed a great question that we all probably think about in our twenties: do you actually know what you’re doing or do you make it up as you go? We answer the question, which should make people in their twenties feel just fine about having no clue what they’re doing.

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A thirtysomething living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Nadia is committed to spending far more time doing the things she really wants to do and motivating others to do the same. She’s already making strides, stepping up her travel game, starting the podcast This Weird Thing Called Life with co-host David Jay, and working toward early retirement. With 30+ years of life behind her, she has many lessons to share and many more to learn.

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