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Episode 024 The Upside of Marriage and Downside of Online DatingMillennials today just aren’t as interested in marriage as previous generations, and while marriage isn’t for everyone, it does have its benefits. We discuss research that shows that you’ll experience less of a dip in happiness during your midlife years if you’re married and debate how much you should tolerate before ending a marriage. Perhaps you’re not sold on marriage, but you should hear what it takes to attract suitors on online dating sites. Find out how money, education, and looks impact your online dating potential.


How Marriage Can Help You Have a Better Midlife Crisis

One benefit of marriage is that it can lessen the impact of a midlife crisis. We discuss an article that sheds light on the topic: Why Millennials Are in for a Worse Midlife Crisis than their Parents.

What You Don’t Know About Online Dating

Surely you know online dating is somewhat superficial, but do you know what details in your profile can boost your desirability? We cover what people are paying attention to in online dating. David Jay suggests that you listen to this episode of the Freakonomic podcast: What You Don’t Know About Online Dating.

Life Lesson: Friendships Between Men and Women

Can men and women just be friends? Should married men and women have friends of the opposite sex? We share our experiences to answer these questions and somehow get on the topic of how much people respect their wedding vows and whether cheating should be a dealbreaker. What do you think?

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