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Episode 028 Playing the Career GameWe discuss accusations that Jay-Z played the race card to promote his new business venture. We share personal finance lessons we have learned over time and money management tips that have worked for us and may work for you too. We also discuss the burden of being a top performer at work and when to think about leaving your job.


Did Jay-Z Play the Race Card?

Jay-Z is under fire for lyrics that call out victims of police brutality for reasons that people don’t like. Is it a poor excuse to promote his new business venture or are people just overanalyzing his lyrics? We discuss these viewpoints, the state of the music industry, and whether musicians demanding a bigger cut of royalties are being greedy.

Managing Your Money

We have sharpened our personal finance skills over the years to get on the right path. We share the money management practices that work for us, which you can try too. If you want to get your finances in order, check out Business Insider’s 14-day #BIBetterMoney plan.

Being Good at Your Job Can Hurt You

You would think being a top performer at work would be a great asset; however, it turns out that there are downsides to being good at your job.

Life Lesson: Knowing When to Leave Your Job

This week we answer the question when is it time to leave your job? Find out which signs you should pay attention to and when to start thinking about making a career move.

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