How to Network Effectively With Networking Coach Michelle Ngome – TWTCL 030

Episode 030 How to Network Effectively with Networking Coach Michelle NgomeNetworking coach Michelle Ngome joins us to discuss a skill that can make a huge difference in your career—strategic networking. If you’re not connecting with new people, you’re missing out on opportunities to build relationships that can help advance your career or business endeavors. Michelle not only offers networking tips, but also shares the story of how and why she started her own business.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How networking can help you reach your career goals
  • The best ways to build a network
  • How to start and end a conversation when meeting someone new
  • How to network if you’re an introvert
  • How to maintain relationships with the people you meet through networking

Learn more about Michelle at Also, check out Michelle’s book Network, Navigate & Nurture: The Equation to Strategic Networking.

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