Live the Life That Makes You Happy With Advice Columnist & Counselor Shuntai Beaugard – TWTCL 032

Episode 032 Live the Life That Makes You Happy with Advice Columnist and Counselor Shuntai BeaugardAdvice columnist and counselor Shuntai Beaugard spends much of her time advising people on how to live their best life and aligning people with their true destiny. This week Shuntai joins me to teach you how to live a life you love. Shuntai shares how journaling during a difficult time in her life led her to write a book that helps women deal with adversities and gives her opinion on trending topics, including Rachel Dolezal’s cultural misidentity and free range and single parenting. If there are two things you’ll take away from this episode, they are that you should always be your authentic self and that you are not alone—there are others out there dealing with and working through the same challenges as you.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to start living the live that is meant for you
  • The key to building and maintaining successful personal and professional relationships and where people go wrong
  • The benefits of receiving professional counseling
  • An important life lesson—you are not invincible

Check out Shuntai’s book Temporarily Disconnected: How to Turn on the Power in Your Life for advice on how to make it through difficult times.

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