Money Talks With Millennial Money Expert LaTisha Styles – TWTCL 035

Episode 35 Money Talks with Millennial Money Expert LaTisha StylesDavid Jay and Nadia have a chat with LaTisha Styles, founder of Young Finances and host of Young Finances TV. LaTisha gives strategies and tools to help you manage your money and increase your wealth. She also gives her two biggest life lessons that she feels young adults need to know. In addition, David Jay addresses listener comments.

Get Started With Investing

LaTisha offers some great tips on how you can startĀ investing. As a first step, take the Young FinancesĀ investing compatibility quiz to figure out your personal investing style and the best investment broker to get started with.

Common Financial Mistakes Millennials Make

About David Jay

David Jay brings his bold ideas and live and let live attitude to This Weird Thing Called Life podcast. David Jay is a budget analyst by trade and occasional drops knowledge on how you can better manage your finances. A huge fan of the podcasting digital medium for years, he is now embarking on making this Washington D.C. based podcast a success with his friend and co-host Nadia.

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