Facing Your Quarter Life Crisis With Life Coach Christine Hassler – TWTCL 048

Life Coach Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler

Many of us experience a period in our twenties and early thirties when we’re not content with where we are in life and feel stuck. Could this be a quarter life crisis? This week’s guest, author, life coach, and speaker Christine Hassler, explains what a quarter life crisis is and shares her experience going through a crisis after having a successful career in her twenties as a Hollywood agent. Christine learned a lot during her own crisis, and instead of keeping that knowledge to herself, she uses it to help young adults get through their crises.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What a quarter life crisis is
  • Why a quarter life crisis should be seen as an opportunity for healing and transformation instead of something to fear
  • What actions you can take to work through your quarter life crisis
  • How to truly find happiness
  • How overparenting has negatively affected generation Y
  • Why young adults experience “Expectation Hangover”
  • How the relationship you have with yourself affects your quality of life

To learn more about Christine and opportunities to work with her, visit http://christinehassler.com. Also, check out her podcast, Over It and On With It.

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