How To Pay for College With College Consultant Brad Baldridge – TWTCL 058

Episode 058 How To Pay for College with College Consultant Brad BaldridgeThe cost of college is constantly rising, but with careful planning, you can get the money you need to attend college or help a loved one pay for college. Certified Financial Planner and college consultant Brad Baldridge breaks down the college planning process, covering when and how you should start planning for college, how you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs and increase your chance of getting need-based financial aid, and where you can put your college savings until it’s needed.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What a college consultant is and how these professionals help families plan and pay for college
  • What steps prospective college students and parents can take to plan for college and when to take these actions
  • What common college planning mistakes people make
  • How planning for graduate school is different from planning for undergraduate study
  • How to get a good college education at the best cost

Learn more about Brad on his website Taming the High Cost of College. From there, you can access his blog, podcast, and a number of helpful college financial planning resources.

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