How To Make It in the Real World With Author John Vespasian – TWTCL 060

Episode 060 How To Make It in the Real Word with Author John VespasianForget the self-help tricks you’ve learned in the past and open your mind to the idea of “rational living.” Author John Vespasian talks to us about the principles of rational living and explains how making decisions based on facts can help you achieve success and happiness in your life. This idea goes against much of what you may know, but hear John out to see if it’s something you could benefit from.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What rational living is and how it can improve your life
  • What things you can do to improve your confidence and be better able to deal with problems
  • How you can reduce stress in your life

Several of John’s books are mentioned in the episode.

On becoming unbreakable. How normal people become extraordinarily self-confident. By John Vespasian. The 10 Principles of Rational Living by John Vespasian Consistency: The key to permanent stress relief by John Vespasian Rationality is the way to happiness by John Vespasian

Read John’s blog to learn more about rational philosophy, psychology, and personal development.

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