Starting Over in a New Country With Entrepreneur Jeanna Barrett (Farewell Episode) – TWTCL 067

Episode 067 Starting Over in a New CountryDavid Jay and Nadia have had a great run, but THIS IS IT! Jeanna Barrett joins the final episode of This Weird Thing Called Life to talk about dropping it all and starting over with a remote business outside the United States. Her bold move went viral and became an inspiration for us all.

To learn more about Jeanna and her strategy agency First Page, visit Also, check out Jeanna’s Fast Company article, How I Left a 12-Year Career in Silicon Valley To Work on a Beach in Belize.

Thank you all for your support of TWTCL podcast. We wish you all the best!


About David Jay

David Jay brings his bold ideas and live and let live attitude to This Weird Thing Called Life podcast. David Jay is a budget analyst by trade and occasional drops knowledge on how you can better manage your finances. A huge fan of the podcasting digital medium for years, he is now embarking on making this Washington D.C. based podcast a success with his friend and co-host Nadia.

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