David Jay

David Jay brings his bold ideas and live and let live attitude to This Weird Thing Called Life podcast. David Jay is a budget analyst by trade and occasional drops knowledge on how you can better manage your finances. A huge fan of the podcasting digital medium for years, he is now embarking on making this Washington D.C. based podcast a success with his friend and co-host Nadia.

Stop the Lies – TWTCL 005

David Jay details his speed dating disaster and gives his unique views on the nationwide protest following the non-indictment of a NYC police officer accused of murdering an unarmed Eric Garner. Nadia is tired of the misinformation in the media and tells us what things you should do in your career before you turn age 35. All this in addition to life hacks and lessons on earning on your online purchases and the benefits of cutting the cord of cable TV.

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No Means No – TWTCL 003

Nadia and David Jay give more insight on the Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations and discuss the University of Virginia’s response to a victim of rape on its campus. David Jay offers his predictions of what will happen in Ferguson. Nadia talks about the health risk of holding on to “frenemies” and much more. Highlights Team Cosby or Team Accusers Battle lines are being drawn: Team Cosby or Team accusers. We give updates on the Bill Cosby scandal and discuss what side the black community appears to be coming down on. [06:30] Rape on UVA Campus A horrific gang rape took place at UVA and…

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The Series Premiere: Blacklisted by Comcast, Street Harassment, and the 3-Day Work Week – TWTCL 001

It’s our first episode and we’re talking about dating and how well women know men, the seriousness of street harassment, building wealth (yes, regular folks can do it), and realizing a 3-day work week. David Jay laments about being blacklisted by a cable giant. We also share life hacks and lessons that will help you advance in your career and earn adoration from your family and friends. Highlights How Well Do Women Know Men? Men and women often don’t get each other, but women know more about men’s dating habits than you may think. We discuss the findings from a…

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