A thirtysomething living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Nadia is committed to spending far more time doing the things she really wants to do and motivating others to do the same. She’s already making strides, stepping up her travel game, starting the podcast This Weird Thing Called Life with co-host David Jay, and working toward early retirement. With 30+ years of life behind her, she has many lessons to share and many more to learn.

Getting a Job and Keeping It – TWTCL 006

Building a successful career is no easy task. You’ve got to get in the door and do the right things to advance—and not get fired. We discuss the positive and negative perceptions of millennials in the workplace, lessons to be learned about what not to do at work from the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, and tips for acing job interviews. We also have a hack to help you prioritize and accomplish your goals, especially as you head into the new year. Highlights Millennials Face Challenges in the Workplace It’s tough out there for millennials, who are having trouble finding employment…

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Second Chances and No Regrets – TWTCL 004

Beyond chatting about Ray Rice’s overturned National Football League suspension for domestic violence, we’ve got life hacks, lessons, and tips galore. Learn what black women are doing differently to make it to millionaire status, who you should avoid dating, and how to survive holiday parties as an introvert. If you’re stuck trying to accomplish your goals, we have a clever hack for you. We also share a touching story that will inspire you to live life with no regrets. Highlights Ray Rice Gets a Second Chance Does former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice deserve a second chance? We discuss…

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It’s a Perverse World – TWTCL 002

We can’t resist talking about Bill Cosby since he’s a staple in the news. Kim Kardashian posing nude isn’t news, but it does bring up some interesting questions about who should and shouldn’t be posing nude and standards for beauty. Actress Lena Dunham reveals some shocking information in her new book. Is what she described normal or not? We’re not psychologists, but we do have our opinions. Nadia recaps her experience at Usher’s UR Experience concert, and David Jay realizes he’s getting old. If you’ve had enough of the “takers” in your life, you’re not alone. Nadia encourages all the…

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